The 200 Seat Drop Challlenge - JM

Ben (one of our students in year 10) has recently completed 200 consecutive seat drops on a trampoline, this was a sponsored event in which Ben has managed to raise a lot of money (a grand total will be released ASAP).

Ben has had his say on what the money he's raised will go towards and he's decided that he'd like some to go towards his favourite lesson, which is FT, he'd like some to go towards Rebound, some to go towards something new for the common room and lastly Ben would like some money to go towards a trip to a local cafe for all of his class.

I recently spoke to Ben about how he felt before during and after the event.
'I felt knackered'.
'It took a lot of practice'.
'I kept going because my class was watching'.
'Thanks to everyone who gave money'.

A massive well done to Ben, this is an amazing achievement and one which we are all very proud of him for accomplishing. Here you can see the last moments of Ben completing his challenge, with his class cheering him on!

Posted on July 13th 2015

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