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KS3 Wow DayOn Wednesday 6thJanuary, KS3 received a video from farmer John asking for their help. During the recent heavy rain, the river levels had risen and one of his bridges had been washed away, leaving his sheep stuck in the field. As it was a very old bridge he wanted a new design that would be stronger and asked KS3 to design a new bridge.

Students set about researching designs on the internet and creating drawings of their ideas. At 10am farmer John was able to talk to students via Skype and answer their questions, giving them more details about what he needed the bridge to do, materials and even the names of his sheep and sheepdog. This helped students to create their models with the resources supplied – paper straws and sellotape – and some even added extras, including paper, stickers and even the door wedge!

After lunch everyone brought their models to the small hall for testing. First we found out what was special about the bridges – they were all amazing and very different from each other. Then the testing began. Weighted balls were added, one at a time, and every bridge survived up to 10 balls. Then the kilo weights came out, with every bridge managing to support 1 kilo and only 3 unable to support 2 kilos. The final test was water; the original bridge had been washed away so we needed to make sure this one was safe. One by one, the bridges were soaked in water from the jug and then tested to see if they could support 1 kilo weight.

6 bridges survived all the tests and their images were sent to farmer John. He gave them to a friend who then used a 3d program to show what the bridges might look like if they were made out of the building materials and full size. These were shown to students in assembly on Friday and were given to them on certificates – one for the class and one each for home. Students worked very hard during this day and were well engaged throughout the activities. They showed excellent skills in team building, creative design, questioning and fair testing and supported each other. A great day – we can’t wait for the next wow day! Anna Hind Middle leader

Posted on January 15th 2016

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