Aliens have landed in Maple class! - AH

This term, Space is the theme for Maple class. We have explored different textures with galaxy slime, black sparkly playdough, moon sand and jelly stars as well as a range of stories. We have travelled to the moon and back every week with our sensory story, which you can find at– see how creative you can get with props and actions. Our sensory workout has been set to space themed music and the boxes have had a revamp. Did you know that space smells like raspberries, burning, menthol, nail varnish remover and stinky feet? Not a recipe for the next new perfume! We have also been tasting popping candy, cheesy asteroids, alien jelly, Saturn’s breakfast rings and flying saucers. But our favourite activity has to be the new sensory trays – frozen jelly space invaders, pasta stars, glow in the dark stars, jacks, glitter … anything to encourage active exploration.

Posted on May 1st 2015

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