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Pastoral Team - Breaking down barriers to learning

At the Elmwood & Penrose Federation we recognise that excellent partnerships with parents and carers are an essential element in the success of both our schools.  We are always looking at ways in which we can work together. Parents and carers are always at the heart of our planning, along with the students and other professionals.  This enables us to work together to ensure a consistent and successful approach to learning.

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Team Aims

We work with families and other agencies to identify and support children from 4-19 affected by issues at home.  We help students and families so they can overcome their social, emotional and behaviour barriers.

Our experienced and approachable practitioners take the time to get to know children and families and truly engage with them.  Relationships are a two-way process, and by working together the aim is to always achieve the best outcomes for all our students.  The Pastoral team strive to bring about positive change for the child along with the parents, carers, teachers and other professionals. 

How do we work?

We work towards making positive change by:

  •        Identifying children in need of intervention, and
  •        Working with their families to remove social and emotional barriers to learning and development.

Interventions cover a wide range of barriers to break down, some examples include:

  •  Improved behaviour and less classroom disruption,
  • Better attendance,
  • Improving behaviour at home and school,
  • Supporting with transitions,
  • Supporting with effective communication systems,
  • Improving emotional well-being and mental health,
  • Housing and finance
  • Health and support with integrated services,
  • Group work and 1:1 support for young people,
  • Family activities during school holidays,
  • Ensure positive relationships and effective communication between school and home,
  • Delivery of accredited parenting sessions such as Steppng Stone, Triple P, Speakeasy, Emotion Coaching and more.

Our Pastoral Team consists of the Family Team and the Wellbeing Team.

The Family Team consists of:

Jo Leek - PFSA - Parent, Family Support Advisor

Claire Michelle - Link Worker

The Wellbeing Team consist of:

Fleur Cutler - Health & Wellbeing Lead

Lynn Ferguson - Support

Linda Osborne - Counsellor

We also work closely with Somewhere House to provide counselling.

Jo Leek - Parent & Family Support Advisor
Jo Leek - Parent & Family Support Advisor

Jo holds over 25 years’ experience of working with children and young people with SEND. Jo has completed a Degree in childhood & Youth Studies, A Diploma in Support work in schools (Parent Support) and NVQ in Learning, Development and support services for Children, Young People and those who care for them (Supporting Young People) as well as relevant and up to date Safeguarding training, ensuring safety, care and protection for children & young people.

Jo is passionate about ensuring that families feel supported and included in their child’s learning experiences both within the class & school environment and in accessing a range of community activities.

Jo has worked as a Parent & Family Support Adviser (PFSA) since this role began as a nationwide pilot project over 11 years ago, supporting children, young people and families and ensuring access to a range of services as needed.

Jo has trained and can deliver a range of courses for families including Stepping Stones Triple P, Speakeasy and Emotion Coaching.

Outside of school, Jo is a registered Mindfulness teacher and has trained in the delivery of Qigong (a form of Tai chi) which she is able to integrate into her work with Parents, carers, children, young people and their families as appropriate.

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Linda Osborne - Counsellor
Linda Osborne - Counsellor

Linda is a qualified, accredited counsellor who supports the children and young people across all three sites in the Federation by offering 1-1 counselling or Play Therapy sessions.  By providing a therapeutic relationship, Linda helps our students to understand their feelings and cope with any problems or anxieties that they may have. In Play Therapy, Linda provides the relationship as well as suitable toys and resources for the child or young person to be able to work through their feelings using play. 

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Claire Michelle - Link Worker
Claire Michelle - Link Worker

Claire started working at Penrose school in 2009 and has been with the federation since it was founded.  Having qualifications in holistic practice and life coaching Claire is passionate about people and supporting change to achieve the best outcomes for our learners.

Claire works with families, carers, students and other agencies, providing support strategies, adult learning and much more for the benefit of our young people at the Federation.

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Fleur Cutler - Health & Well-being Lead
Fleur Cutler - Health & Well-being Lead

Fleur has worked at Penrose and then later for the federation for over 15 years. She was classroom based until taking on the role of Health & Well-being Lead in 2012.

 Fleur works alongside parents, school staff and other professionals to support the individual health needs of our students ensuring that each child/ young person has the correct equipment and therapy programs in place to support their learning. Other professionals include paediatricians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech and language, hearing support and wheel chair clinics. Fleur also works closely with Children’s Social Care to ensure the best possible outcomes for our families and students.

 Fleur and the Well-being Team promote healthy living including supporting healthy eating and lifestyle options, encouraging independence with personal care and self-help skills.

 Fleur and her team are passionate about supporting our young people to manage their emotional well-being and helping to provide strategies and skills needed to take them forward into adulthood.

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